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Our Family Member Marco Blažević, continues his story of working class heroes and other characters at the edges of our society. With his streetwear brand the Humble Hustle, he creates authentic pieces with a humble mindset regarding growth and sustainability.

Humble: adjective. Not proud, of low rank, poor.

Hustle: verb. To strive ferociously for a goal, whatever the cost.

Marcos latest collection serves as a monument to the people at the borders of our society, whom have to hustle to overcome their situation. “From rags to riches” is deeply rooted in our capitalist society and is beautifully illustrated by hustlers, doing whatever it takes to live the high life, to be the riches.

To form an ecological statement against overconsumption, Marco reversed this term to “from riches to rags.” And creates a story in which he juxtaposes the paradox of fighting to make a living, while having way too high living standards, culminating in a humble yet satisfied existence.

To bring this concept into material, the entire collection is up-cycled. This is the key element of the hustle: It is not about the cards live dealt you, but the way you play them. At the same time, this underlines the idea of a humble hustler, which means striving forward in live, but with an awareness and respect towards your community and surroundings.


Just like the characters his collections portray, he places his work at the borders of this industry, challenging people’s views on sociological issues and the principles that our current systems are based on. It is made for everyone who does not want to conform and has a critical view on themselves and society.

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