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We are The Patchwork Family, a value-driven fashion community that connects young independent designers to a patchwork of artists. Born from a group of freshly graduated designers, whom experienced the high barrier of entry in the fashion industry, we now want to lower this bar for fellow young designers. Contrary to fashion labels, we don’t want to hide designers behind a brand name, but give them the stage they deserve. Through this, we hope to democratise the fashion industry and emancipate young creators.

Whilst every Family Member has complete creative freedom in their design process, we have a strict focus on up-cycling, which in our eyes is the most sustainable way of working. We believe that being resourceful with already-existing goods will always outweigh producing new items. Finally, up-cycling is also the most democratic way of making fashion, since it is most accessible from both a financial and technical point of view. By combining the diverse approach of each of our creative Family Members and the guidelines we have set around up-cycling, we show the vast possibilities that this way of working has to offer


Motivated by the power of some of our latest showcases, we want to continue creating powerful and eccentric showcases, building inclusive spaces for designer and community alike. This is why The Patchwork Family does not only represent its Family Members, but shares its platform with different performers, photographers, videographers and DJ’s. We bring these creatives from other disciplines with us to share our stage and to show off the community that we are as a whole. By collaborating with different collectives we grow our community with shared values. We don’t believe in competition; we believe in fighting together for our ideals.

Find our Boijmans movie here, Club Church aftermovie here, find our Berlin aftermovie here.

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